Everyone Is Architecture

Everyone is Architecture is a cooperative spatial toolkit using geolocational positioning and augmented reality to create a system for public participation. Inspired by Hans Hollein’s famous declaration that everything is architecture, our concept challenges what it means to construct architecture today, suggesting that architectural practice should embrace the virtual as a new way of realising ideas, while also combining new groups of people together through collaborative design. The project proposes a multiplayer AR system, where users embody architectural elements as avatars. Through virtual overlays, participants will become architectural components, working together to choreograph new spatial experiences that reflect the diverse desires of those who play the game.

As AR increases the our ability to spatialise information, delineations between physical and legal borderlines become indistinct. Everyone is Architecture draws from ‘geofencing’ protocols, where digital boundaries are used to control devices in the physical world. Geofencing is typically used for security or navigation, but our concept incorporates the imposition of virtual edges and enclosures into a design tool to produce environments sited across digital and physical layers. In Everyone is Architecture, participants will invent geodoors, geofaçades, geoplazas and innumerable other possible or impossible structures.