Folkets Portal

The Folkets Portal is inspired by the flows of information in our digital age and how computers become gateways that collapse our conceptions of space. 

We take two archetypal Folkets Park gates and transmit them through metaphorical portals across Kvarnbacken, materialising them like emanations from a digital realm, emerging from an imperceptible network that covers the park.

At either end of the park visitors will encounter a structure that seems familiar but strangely deviated. One would need to encounter both structures to understand their logic, encouraging the visitor walk the hidden gap of the portal, wandering through the natural landscape while imperceptibly guided along a ‘digital pilgrimage’.

Twisting in orientation they are designed to be experienced in reality and be further abstracted through the numerous formats and filters of social media. These monolithic structures of curiosity will demarcate the entrances to the park, blurring the boundary between public space and invisible digital realms.

Project Type: Competition [Login Gate]
Location: Jarfalla, Sweden