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Peep Pop City

Peep Pop City is an endless multi-player city building game contained within a mirrored cabinet. It is comprised of over 500 3d-printed game pieces sourced from the past, present and future of London's urban morphology. It seeks to engage audiences with the logics of city planning, whether young or old. 

Inspired by Archizoom's 'No Stop City', the game uses the mirrored faces to allow the players to propose a city which could go on forever. 

Player 1 acts as the 'Administrator', pulling cards at random each with a different objective for the city, peeping into the cabinet to instruct Player 2 who acts as the Architect, following these instructions and popping down city fragments in various configurations. Curious onlookers are invited to peep in to the cabinet and participate.

Peep Pop City was played by gamers, grandmas, kids and hipsters at Now Play This 2018, an experimental games festival at Somerset House. It was supported by Now Play This and the Bartlett Architecture Research Fund.