In this video game ‘Lost Angeland’ the player uncovers a historical narrative of LA’s changing landscape from the manmade to the natural, charting the city’s course from its establishment in 1781 to the present day. By utilising 3 different tools - ‘greening’ for planting, ‘greying’ for construction and ‘piggy’ for extra-investment, the player is able to terraform their own version of LA by developing land as they please.

As history passes over the course of four minutes before the game ends in 2017, the player has an opportunity to create a unique version of Los Angeles given over entirely to development, to return it to the primordial soup of the oil field, or morph it into what Reyner Banham called a ‘reasonable facsimile of Eden’.

By Lu-Ming Chen, Min Liu & Hanrui Zhang as part of the RC12 Videogame Urbanism studio.