Playable planning notice

As part of the Tokyo IRTBBC we built a 'walking simulator' game that explores four different versions of the backup city, each of which the player can experience through a series of portal buildings. Different versions of the backup world include Salaryman Backup City comprising many karaoke bars, Kabukicho Backup City full of host and hostess clubs, and Kawaii Backup City where the spirit of cuteness and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu takes over the urban infrastructure.

Through the use of split screen cameras, and unlit materials, as one moves through the Backup City, many different shapes coalesce and disperse into new forms, turning the game space into a moving drawing. 

Video is a superspeed (4x) playthrough of the game.

Project Type: Research
Location: Osaka, Japan
Project Medium: Unity game (Win/Mac).