In response to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, this videogame explores the concept of ‘E-Citizenship’ allowing British residents to opt-in to Europe through augmented reality technologies. As the player we experience a day in the life of a modern Briton, oscillating between the grey drudgery of a depleted post-Brexit nation, and the exciting connections to Europe manifested only in the digital realm. Chintzy tea rooms morph into after hours Italian cafès. A trip to hospital involves digital consultations with European specialists and remote surgery.

Inspired by Estonia’s ‘E-Residency’ programme and the EU’s Digital Single Market initiative, the game proposes that emerging technologies could reinvent the concept of national borders and challenge isolationist culture. The surreal world of the game is framed as a ‘demo’: E-London citizens would subscribe to their European connection, like they would for a mobile phone or broadband package. Wearing their Flag of Europe glasses, E-Londoner remainers see more than the Brexiters they share the physical world with.

By Ruxin Chen, Yilin Li & Lu Zhou as part of the RC12 Videogame Urbanism studio.