Playable planning notice

‘The Playable Planning Notice’. This video game challenges the limitations of the UK’s standard Planning Notice by creating a virtual environment that invites the public to propose their own interventions within the tolerances offered by the planning notice.

Using a series of live planning applications across Camden as different levels within the game, a modular toolkit of parts is given to the player, offering physical variables to vague terminology such as ‘plinth’, ‘bust’, and ‘works’. What types of weird and wonderful structures would still accord to the brief and nebulous description a passerby might read on the laminated papers we see on lampposts across London?

Having submitted their creations for ‘planning approval’ players are invited to upload their proposals, sharing all the alternative futures that might exist within the subjective language of a laminated A4 sheet. These are then made live and accessible to view on site through social media and as an augmented reality overlay, changing how the design of cities is communicated to its citizens.

By Zhibei Li, Shenghan Wu & Meiwen Zhang as part of the RC12 Videogame Urbanism studio.