UP-POP was a panel discussion curated and presented by You+Pea part of the 2015 London Festival of Architecture. Held at the Swedenborg Society in central London, the talk brought together a set of diverse speakers for a discussion on the relationship between architecture, pop culture, politics and technology.

UP-POP interrogated how the shifting technological landscapes around us have fundamentally changed our relationship to the production of culture. We asked how architecture reacts to the new ways in which the city is seen, mediated and communicated? If ‘pop-up’ suggests fleeting architectures and social events, UP-POP discussed the wider and more long-lasting cultural impacts that everyday technology is having on our cities and architectural practice itself.

Project Type: Syposium [LFA 2015]
Speakers: Holly Lewis [We Made That], Hannes Coudenys [Ugly Belgian Houses] and Darran Anderson [Imaginary Cities]
Location: Swedenborg Society, London